Good work comes from a good spirit.
Good spirit comes from good environment.

Greetings to everyone. I am Tsushima, CEO of NAC.
We, NAC, are group of creators that started in 2006, with production of computer graphics on commission basis as the main business.
It has been roughly 30 years since CG arrived in entertainment business.
During this time, the industry has made significant progress.
In this rapidly growing industry, we will be striving for further enhancement of customer satisfaction, and will challenge the next generations with our flexible ideas and actions.
Today, in the time that spiritual affluence is sought for,
we would always like to be a company that realizes dreams and brings smiles to the society with passion, using technology of CG that can enrich people’s mind.
We will appreciate your continued support and business from now on as well, and would like to wish you all the best for your good health and continued success.


Kenji Tsushima, CEO of NAC