At NAC, we are always looking for staff .

■Character Modeler/Environment Modeler
· Mainly produce models of characters, backgrounds, mecha, etc. in games and game machines.
[Welcoming skills] Sculpting skills using Zbrush, mudbox, etc.

· Animation production mainly for game machines and games
【Welcome Skill】 MotionBuilder, Composite Skill.

■Compositor/FX Animator
· Composite effect work mainly for pachinko machines, images used for games
【Welcome skill】 maya, lighting & rendering with 3dsmax and
Composite skill using AfterEffects.
Effect skills using RealFlow, FumeFX, After Effects, etc.

■Lead Character Modeler/Lead Environment Modeler
· Mainly for model creation of characters, backgrounds, mechanics etc in games and game machines
Quality and production management. Outsourcing management etc.

■Lead Animator
· Quality and production management of motion production mainly for game machines and games.
Outsourcing management etc.

■Lead Compositor/Lead FX Animator
· Main effect of compositing effects of pictures used for game machines and games
Quality and production management, outsourcing management etc.

■Project Manager
· Project Progress Progress
Project schedule management, data management, production support service